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  • Do MOKI Jewels jewels change color or go against the oxidation process?
    No! MOKI Jewels are all handmade using 316L Steel, which is stainless, hypoallergenic and waterproof.
  • Wearing MOKI Jewels for a long time and in conditions where they are in contact with water, sweat or soaps, will the skin become greenish in color?
    Absolutely NOT! MOKI Jewels jewels are made with 316L Steel, a specific range of steel that does not contain large quantities of nickel easily found in other materials such as metal, brass, zinc etc. The part of the body that becomes greenish is a consequence of the natural oxidation process that many materials undergo, either by natural course or by continuous and aggressive exposure to chemical agents or water with a high concentration of limestone. MOKI Jewels can be worn in any situation under any conditions: they are sweat-proof ( sweat-proof ), water-proof ( water-proof ) and they do not contain nickel. They can be worn at sea, in the pool, in the shower without being afraid to use bubble baths or body products, during your workout or in an acid tub! MOKI Jewels jewels have the lifetime quality guarantee. Despite this, we still recommend taking care of it so as not to scratch or damage your jewelry!
  • Wearing MOKI Jewels, is there a risk of getting an allergy with annoying and itchy spots?
    No. Our jewels are hypoallergenic, thanks to the tiny amount of nickel present in the 316L steel we use. However, it is always possible that the use of any jewelry, even in silver or gold, can trigger allergies in the event that the person wearing the jewelry is subject to particular allergies, or allergies to the material itself, or is a subject. atopic person potentially allergic to anything, therefore the possibility that certain people, in particular conditions, may have allergic reactions, cannot be ruled out.However, this is a very rare event, for which 95% of people who wear 316L Steel, silver or other high quality materials do not indicate allergic problems of any kind.
  • I want to buy a MOKI Jewels ring, but I don't know my size. How can I do?
    Don't worry, finding out your size is easier said than done! Take a ring you already have, one that you put on your finger where you would like to put ours, place the ring on a smooth surface and with a measuring tape (it is preferable to use a normal measuring tape, not a tailor's) measure the internal diameter of the ring, that is, from part to part its interior only, without taking into account edges. ONLY the internal space, being VERY careful to every single millimeter, as one millimeter more, or one less, could vary the size. Once you have taken your measurement, compare your diameter with this table and you will know which size to buy!
  • What is the FAQ section?
    The FAQ section can be used to answer the most common questions about your business, for example: "Where do I ship to?", "What are the opening hours?" or "How do I book a service?". Frequently Asked Questions are a great way to help visitors navigate your site and can improve SEO.
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