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To be Unique you have to
To be Different

MOKI Jewels is a luxury handcrafted accessories brand created in 2017 by director Jay Ruggiano and designer Ramona Sicuranza.

Inspired by oriental culture, initially the brand was composed only of the women's section which, under the direction of designer Ramona Sicuranza, brought the Tibetan Mala model to a luxury brand for the first time, later becoming the symbol of MOKI. Through the study of Crystal Therapy, Ramona combines real natural, precious and semi-precious stones with 316L Steel, giving life to a rarely seen piece in Italy which has its roots in the culture and religions of the East.

The artisanal nature of the brand differentiates MOKI from all the others with the aim of relaunching Neapolitan craftsmanship in the world of fashion, making customization and the consultancy process the key-concept of the brand to enhance the personality of those who wear MOKI accessories.

MOKI is an exclusively online brand, which over the years has managed to create a large distribution network, then managing to break away from the online mold to be physically close to its community. To date, MOKI is available at the Antica Bottega I Lanzetti Total Look in Naples and at the Il Monile jewelry store in Pisa.


MOKI si Espande

In 2020, director and screenwriter Jay Ruggiano gave life to the men's section of the brand, thus starting its evolution.

Under his direction the brand achieved notoriety and the Tibetan Mala was worn by more and more people, including some of the most famous people in Italy. The artisanal concept remains the cornerstone of the activity, expanded into all sections of the brand, which begins to present for the first time previously missing categories that got immediate success.

In 2022 he launches the first Official Collection of the brand, today's flagship collection, inspired by Neapolitan culture, symbolism and folklore: "Terra Mia". Real stones and 316L steel become the ways to describe the city and make it wearable, managing to export it with enormous success. From all parts of Italy, and later in some of the major cities of Europe, people are seen wearing a mala of San Gennaro or Vesuvius. 

In the winter of the same year, the "Eternity Collection" was launched, the first stone jewelery collection IN THE WORLD to reconstruct the most famous works and transform them into Wearable Art. From "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh to "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalì via "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt, everyone wears a MOKI "Art Mala".

The section dedicated to real leather bags got created later that year, where original and never-before-seen designs got blend with Neapolitan culture to create best-selling pieces that immediately became Cults.

In 2023, Jay made one of his biggest dreams true and creates the first line of MOKI hats. Worked and handmade in pure Australian felt, MOKI hats become a reference and a must-have, being requested and worn by some of the most famous personalities of Naples and Italy, including the Pizza Master Vincenzo Capuano, the famous saxophonist Daniele Vitale passing through the performer and speaker Goldie.

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